About Us

Battered But Not Broken’s vision is to provide housing for women from previous incarcerations who have suffered from drug and alcohol abuse, crime and violent situations. Our intentions are to help ex-offenders be most productive by offering necessary life tools/education which is the key to ones full potential.

Battered But Not Broken seeks to fill the mission by offering relief to ex-offenders and their families in an effort to combat deterioration within the family structure. It is the intention of Battered But Not Broken to reinforce a positive lifestyle and promote social, emotional and spiritual growth.

Our Officers


You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.


It’s not about where you’re from, but where you’re going.









 Our Members


debra barber

Even though you have fallen, you always get back on the saddle again.


Domeek Allen

Life is what you make of it.

Kimtricia Sanders

If I help one person, I help the whole community.





Larry Williams

Lending a helping hand.

Sally Dobson

One day at a time.

Tony Emmerson

No matter what, NEVER give up.