Supporting Family

Outreach and Assistance

Battered but not broken has been serving the Chester community since 2009. Work began with outreach and ministry in the Prisons themselves, and soon expanded to support families through donations of clothing, food and Christmas gifts. We work closely with food banks and drug rehabilitation centers to provide the broadest range of support.

Creating Safe Spaces

We understand that in order to grow and heal, one must have a safe, supportive environment. In order to achieve this goal, we have been purchasing, renovating, and operating homes in the Chester Area.

The House of Magdalene

The House of Magdalene is our first home and since 2015 has directly served 34 women. With the help of stable housing and a supportive environment, many of these women have been able to reunite with their children, strengthen their families, and move on to live a fulfilled life.

House of Magdalene

Miriam’s House

Miriam’s House expands the Battered But Not Broken program into Lancaster. It will be the first of its kind in this area and is planned to open in August 2020.

Thanks Emily Pollock and the Lancaster News for covering our volunteer work day.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“…Miriam’s House is named after Miriam, the sister of Moses.
According to Williams, Miriam’s House will mirror what the nonprofit already does at the House of Magdalene, but will cater specifically to the needs of Lancaster County.
“Every community has different needs,” Williams said, noting the current opioid problem in the county.
Miriam’s House, which will be able to provide shelter to six women at a time for up to 18 months, will partner with various agencies to get women the help they need in terms of healthcare, counseling and job training.”

Read the Full Article on The Lancaster News Website.

Celebrating Success!

CN2 also covered our Ribbon Cutting event. Watch the Story Here.

Connecting Families!

The House of Ruth

Our Program is designed to support members for up to 18 months, and although some women are able to get on their feet sooner, there are also women who need extended support. The House of Ruth was created to meet these special needs.

Hannah’s House

Ribbon Cutting for Hannah’s House — Thanks to all who made it happen!

Watch Tammy, our President describe Battered But Not Broken.

Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce for creating this video.

Advocating for a Safe and Healthy Community

Battered But Not Broken also recognizes the need for our members to build their skills and confidence in advocating for Community Needs. Through this work, the Organic Helpers were started. Since our first meetings, we have advocated for better access to fresh food and job opportunities by supporting Chester’s first Community Kitchen and Community Garden. We have advocated for safe streets and safe routes to schools for our children, and we have advocated for safer neighborhoods through crime watch programs.